Yoga & Pilates

"Focus on how it feels, not what it looks like"
- Cheryl Williams

Yoga Southsea

I teach people to feel what they are doing, rather than to focus on fitting into a certain shape. Every body is shaped differently, and every body will feel something differently, so why try to fit in to a mould of expectation.

My classes are influenced by Vinyasa Flow yoga, Yin yoga, Yang yoga, Pilates, Animal Flow, just moving my body, and is supported from a deep education and knowledge of bio-mechanics, anatomy and physiology, psychology, and all the other crazy stuff that goes on inside my head.

We have a laugh, we get creative, but you also learn how to do things in the best way for your body because I talk in a simple way to understand.

Feel flexible, strong, at peace, totally chilled out and confident within life.

I’ve always wanted to get into yoga but find the odd class I’ve tried in the past too complicated and too spiritual for me. I just want a simple, no fluff, straight forward class.

Where you’re at:

  • You want to feel more flexible, stronger, calmer
  • You know that yoga will benefit your body and mind
  • You need to spend some time on YOU
  • You need some time to just relax (life can be hectic at times)
  • You know it’ll be easier if someone tells you what to do (and that is definitely okay)
  • You worry you might get bored (that certainly won’t be the case), or it might be too serious (ha! – we have so much laughter)
  • You know you are worth it


  • Wednesday 20:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday 12:30 - 13:30
  • Sunday 16:30 - 17:30
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Classes are held at:

Coastguard Studio
91 Clarendon Road

My Yoga will suit you best

My class is designed for people like you. I will guide you through the classes on a weekly basis, with alternative movements available for the beginner as well as the more experienced person.

The class takes a maximum of 15 people and you will receive personal attention to ensure that you are honouring your needs. You are welcome to ask questions as we go through, and always mention it is something concerns you. The atmosphere is completely relaxed from the offset. Your self-confidence will grow. You will feel better, move with ease and feel less stressed.

Workshops and Retreats

3 hour workshops and weekend retreats using a combination of yoga, Pilates and everything else that just feels good.

Workshop themes have included:

  • Feel Energised
  • Feel Balanced
  • Feel Strong

Upcoming events:

Feel Good: Feel Strong

Saturday 11th May: 1400-1700

3 hour workshop using our yoga, Pilates and strength training knowledge and expertise to deliver you the ultimate experience to feel strong on the outside and from within.

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Feel Good: Weekend and Day Retreat

Friday 13th September - Monday 16th September 2019

A weekend (with day options) on a beautiful farm in Petersfield, full of yoga, Pilates, food, cake, tea and loads of feel good moments.

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