About your coach

What I believe in

I was born to coach. Knowing I can help you makes me so happy.

I give people confidence by empowering them. I give you the tools you need to get to where you want to be, and so you can do it on your own.

Life should always have balance. I won’t ever tell you to completely remove the things you love from your life because where is the fun and enjoyment in that? However, I will teach you moderation, help you understand your why and occasionally talk about cake.

Performance and functionality over aesthetics. The buzz you get from achieving a goal like lifting a certain weight overhead, doing your first pull up or push up, or even jumping on to a box far out weighs the pleasure you get from the size of your booty or bicep. Train to achieve something and your body will look amazing anyway, two birds with one stone.

I believe in YOU. You can do this.

Who am I?

I am brave, confident, yet humble. Sometimes I do get scared, but I do it anyway.

Sometimes stubborn (but weightlifters need to be).

Compassionate and empathetic. This means that a care, respect all living things and try my best to not harm any living being (but its okay to beat them in a competition).

I let the beat of the music take control – sometimes I will just randomly dance. I’m a passionate soul that likes to move in anyway possible.

I want to help people feel amazing about themselves by making them achieve what they have always wanted to achieve, in terms of physical fitness, and helping them realise they can do it. We can directly translate our physical and fitness achievements to other aspects of our life.


  • MRes Science (Physical Activity, Health, & Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics Coach
  • Level 3 Strength and Conditioning
  • British Weightlifting Coaching – Level 1 and 2
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Yoga
  • Level 3 Pilates
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral
  • Yin Yoga
  • My Kind of Yoga™
  • Pre and Post-Natal Coach
  • Level 2 Exercise To Music and Gym Instructor
  • Les Mills Bodybalance & Sprint
  • Indoor Cycling
  • BSc Psychology
  • Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury


  • European Masters Weightlifting, Nov 2020, 63kg F35-39 – Bronze medal
  • British Masters Weightlifting, March 2019, 59kg F35-39 – silver medal
  • English Masters Weightlifting, Jan 2019, 59kg F35-39 – bronze medal
  • Southern Masters Weightlifting, Nov 2018, 59kg F35-39 – gold medal
  • European Masters Weightlifting, June 2018, 59kg F35-39 – 4th place
  • Solent Crossfit Invitational, June 2018 – Same sex pairs WINNER
  • Scale The Heights Final, Sept 2017 – 4th place
  • Scale The Heights Semi-Final, June 2017 – Winner
  • Superhuman Games, June 2017 – same sex pairs, 2nd place
  • Solent Crossfit Invitational, June 2017 – Same sex pairs, 2nd place
  • Ironman Mastrict, Holland – 15th August 2015