Feel Good Retreats

3 hour workshops and weekend retreats using a combination of yoga, Pilates and everything else that just feels good.It is our philosophy that however you chose to move or exercise, it should always feel good.

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Friday 19th June 2020 - Monday 22nd June 2020 ** CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS**

A weekend (with day options) on a beautiful farm in Petersfield, full of yoga, Pilates, food, cake, tea and loads of feel good moments.

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About Feel Good Retreats

When we feel good we are more positive, and we welcome more positive energy in to our lives. This is science, not just theory. When we indulge ourselves in the things we love we learn to focus better, our concentration skills improve, our nervous system becomes more relaxed, hormones stabilise and we become less affected by distractions that cloud our minds.

That already sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? When we add in the benefits of understanding our bodies more, so we know what we need to work on, so we can perform things better, so we can meet our goals, it sounds even more appealing, doesn’t it?

What we offer are workshops and retreats that aim to make you feel good, whether that is physically or internally, we aim for you to walk away feeling like you have gained something. Whether that is via traditional yoga, Pilates, breathing, relaxation, meditation, playing with resistance bands and balls, there are no boundaries, as long as it feels good.

Sometimes rules are there to be broken, because it stimulates creativity and passion. It’s time to let go of expectation and just focus on moving and feeling good.

Workshop themes have included:

  • Feel Energised
  • Feel Balanced
  • Feel Strong
  • Feel Calm