What my clients say

Jo Eyre

I started training with Cheryl a year ago after I had gained a lot of weight during a fitness hiatus. I was already fairly fit, just lacking direction and motivation. I told Cheryl my aim was to lose body fat, as well as work on increasing strength and work on my technique for specific weight lifts (Clean & Press, Bench Press, Pull Ups and hand stand push ups).

We train twice a week and I've gone from barely being able to bench 40kg to nearly 60kg, as well as making big gains in the other areas I wanted to work on. She's also helped me increase my cardio ten fold with some excellent HIIT & circuit sessions which leave you properly sweating, with DOMS for days! She gives you just the right amount of push without being forceful, and listens to what it is you need, putting an amazing training plan together based on what you want to achieve.

Following a healthy nutrition plan I've also managed to drop body fat %, lose a stone in weight, and lose 4 inches round my waist/stomach in just a few months.

Would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who wants a PT with a calm nature, encouraging words and an all round lovely person who really knows her stuff!

Jo at the gym
Jo at the gym

James Mansfield

"Cheryl has been fantastic. Not only has she helped me fix a reoccurring injury (after spending a small fortune on physios), after a lifetime of cycling I am getting PBs at the age of 50. Cheryl and her sessions have been a revelation."

James has been following a program that has been devised to improve his biomechanics, based on the initial biomechanics assessment, alongside strength and conditioning for triathletes. In a short space of time we have improved power output symmetry between left and right lower-limb and prevented reoccurring niggles from ruining training. I am absolutely thrilled with his progress so far.

Imogen Hobbs

Before I started training with Cheryl my fitness levels were low and I wasn’t feeling great about myself so I wanted to get a trainer to help me. I was recommended Cheryl by a friend and from our first session Cheryl made me feel confident and excited about getting back into fitness.

Cheryl has been very encouraging in helping me achieve my goals each session that it makes me want to do better each time. Cheryl has taught me a lot that I even feel confident in the gym when I’m on my own. I am particularly happy with my strength and muscle definition that Cheryl has helped me achieve.

Jessica Jackson

I know that Cheryl will challenge me and push me to my limits in each of my sessions. She knows my limitations but will always help me break past them. She is also very creative and mixes it up each time so I’m still working on target areas but never get bored with the same exercises.

Cheryl also helps me use equipment in the gym I would never have thought to use in the past! My sessions have particularly helped with improving my posture by working on my core strength which has significantly reduced back pains and has helped my balance too. Not only all this, Cheryl always tries to fit in sessions around my diary so that she always keeps me on track and in a good routine. I’ll never think of using another personal trainer!

Jodie Morley

I started training with Cheryl about 2 years ago and it’s easily the best decision I have ever made. I’d never had PT sessions before as always felt quite intimidated by these ‘super fit’ people and thought they’d find my lack of agility, strength and co-ordination laughable.

Cheryl happened to be the person doing my ‘free’ induction and I really enjoyed the session so initially I signed up for 10 sessions to get a program to follow and training tips. These 10 sessions ended up being quite a life changer for me and i’m so glad I done it. During these sessions Cheryl was keen for me to have goals and clearly wanted me achieve those goals. She also encourages you to challenge yourself and try new things – the best thing about Cheryl is that she believes in mixing up your workouts and keeping it varied. As a result of this encouragement I have entered the crazy world of Triathlons, ran half-marathons and completed OCR’s plus now that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been I have started open water swimming and have the confidence to swim in the sea.

Whilst training with Cheryl I have gained PB’s in all running distances, completed a number of Sprint and Olympic Triathlons and each time my race times have got faster. Cheryl has always shown an interest in the events and been keen to find out ‘what she can do to help me perform better next time’. She is genuinely interested in how her clients perform and want them to achieve their goals. This passion and enthusiasm is so infectious that even if I really can’t be bothered to train she’ll have me smiling and pushing myself even harder.

Not only have I become faster, stronger, fitter and more agile that I have been all my life I have become more confident physically and mentally. As a result of training with Cheryl I no longer feel inadequate and have the confidence to use free weights regardless of who is around.

I hope to have the strength and fitness to complete a Half-Ironman Triathlon next year and have no doubt that she is the one person who’ll get me there.

If you are considering a Personal Trainer I would highly recommend Cheryl. Her sessions are fun, varied plus you’ll have the support and encouragement to keeping pushing yourself harder. Also she’ll use any excuse to dance around so you’ll always have to someone to laugh at or you can just join in.

Hannah Southern

I had an on and off relationship with fitness. The on was wanting to be fit, the off was believing that I never could be fit. I struggled with low confidence, an unwillingness to try new things due to the belief that I wouldn’t be able to do them and an inability to set achievable goals. I started working with Cheryl after running a 5k obstacle course race a couple of years ago and needing something to keep me going afterwards.

Sessions with Cheryl are challenging and fun. Cheryl is incredibly supportive whilst pushing me to work towards and achieve the goals that have been set. Whinging is never ok, laughter is always ok.

I have been working with Cheryl for just over a year and I absolutely love it. Weightlifting is the most fun. I now set myself physical challenges that past me would have thrown up at the thought of. Best of all is the increased confidence and positivity, not just at the gym but in all aspects of my life.

Louise Atkinson

I want to be inspired by a personal trainer and that is by a combination of the physical activities they undertake, how they look and interact with their clients during a session. For me, Cheryl encompasses all of that! From day 1 she wanted to understand what my goals were and has very much focused on that through the sessions I’ve had with her.

She has introduced me to a whole new area of exercise through weight lifting, which has both challenged me both mentally and physically. This has been a steady process starting with the basics of effective technique of the different movements whilst gradually increasing the weight as my technique and strength improved. This has really worked for me and has had really positive effects on my body and motivation. It’s a whole different kind of workout, which gets very effective results – lifting does not bulk you up ladies!

I’ve loved developing my strength and being able to apply that to other forms of exercise I undertake. What you also benefit from Cheryl is the other disciplines she follows, as they can be incorporated in to your session depending on what your goals are. There is also a good balance of challenge and motivation applied to every session.

Loretta Burton

What you should know about me is, exercise was not my friend…..that was until I started working with Cheryl.

I’ve always tried to keep active and have attended various classes, but if I’m honest I probably never worked to my full potential and always held a little back. I realised that I was probably wasting my time by positioning myself at the back of the class and working within my comfort zone. If I really wanted to improve my fitness and wellbeing I was going have to do something different!

I knew Cheryl through attending her Grit classes so I knew she was tough but also approachable and encouraging. I was really nervous when I turned up for our first personal training sessions and I’m not going to lie, it was a shock to the system. I was out of my comfort zone and being pushed to work harder than I ever have, but somehow, Cheryl made it bearable. I never felt self-conscious with her, she made our sessions fun and she was knew just how far to push me. I went from finding any excuse not to exercise to actually looking forward to our sessions, and now I seriously couldn’t do without them.

I’ve recommended Cheryl to many of my friends and family because I genuinely believe she’s the best PT and gets the best results for her clients.