One To One Movement Quality Coaching

"It's all about YOU"

Quality Movement Is the Foundation for Success

I specialise in improving your quality of movement and functionality of your body, overcoming obstacles and finding creative solutions that are suitable for you, your life and goals.
When you improve how you move you open the door for opportunities, you perform better, you feel better, you live better.


Analysis of your current movement and intrinsic biomechanical function of your personal body tells me exactly where your body is. When we know how it functions we can determine the best exercises to improve the function.


You know yourself really well. Trusting your intuition about how your body moves and what you feel when you perform certain exercises can tell me a lot.

Tell me your limitations, physically and environmentally, there is a way around everything.

Tell me what you want to be able to achieve with your body, and why it is important to you, this shapes your programme.

Programme & Train

I have the tools to provide you with an adaptive and progressive solution.

It could include strength, plyometrics, yoga, Pilates, resistance band work, muscle energy techniques, the lot or maybe just even one. The methods I use depend on your preferences, your body and your goals.

Ultimately, the programme includes all the things that will improve your quality of movement, it’s adaptable and interchangeable. If something doesn’t work we find another solution.

I will teach you everything you need to know, and am here or coaching when you have questions and need form checked. I’ll provide videos for reference when I am not around.


Regular retesting is important for progressing.


The process continues.

Why work with a Coach?

Personal training is all about YOU. The training plan is designed for YOU, based around YOUR goals, what YOU want to achieve. It’s not a generic solution, it’s personal to you.