Online Coaching

Specific programming and coaching to enable you to absolutely nail your fitness and life goals, and to help your body move and function well.

Your programme is specific to you and will include whatever suits your goals and lifestlye out of the following:

Online Personalised Programming

We can discuss your goals, sport, current mobility and strength capabilities and limitations and what you need to work on to ensure that you are injury free and performing at your peak. What ever you want to be able to achieve or get better at, we can work on and improve.

Goal Specific Programming

What skill do you want to be able to achieve? What to you want to improve on or be able to do for the first time? Being clear on what you want to achieve is fundamental, then setting out achievable goals along the journey will make the process so much more rewarding.

Intrinsic Biomechanical Programming & Coaching

After an initial assessment of the functionality of the joint movements in the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet, an easy to fit in programme is written to help improve the biomechanical function of your body and reduce the risk of injury.

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Face To Face Coaching

Currently all one to one coaching is done online via Zoom. You will need decent lighting and space and either a laptop or your phone.

In these sessions I can teach you new skills and techniques that you will need to achieve your goals. You benefit from getting immediate feedback to improve on technique, so it is a quicker process to implement changes. Plus you get motivation, good company and giggles.

Coaching gives you what you need to progress: 

  • Clever programming that progresses when you need it to, which gets you fitter, stronger, more flexible, where you want to be.
  • Detailed explanations and technique corrections so you learn exactly what you are doing and why.
  • A focus on exactly what you need.
  • You’ll build mental resilience that’ll make training at home a greatly satisfying and time effective experience. 
  • We will find realistic solutions to overcome your barriers, together, problem solved.
  • Helps you to make better decisions. 
  • You’ll stay motivated. 
  • It will keep you accountable. Accountability is the difference between simply following a programme and being coached.