Strength & Conditioning

What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning uses exercise prescription specifically to improve performance and skill of a sport or athletic activity. The exercises selected are also chosen to prevent common injuries that are seen in that specific sport by helping to improve the athlete’s individual movement mechanics.

You learn better movement patterns to be the best version of you. You become fitter, stronger, more agile, what ever is required for top performance.

How can I benefit?

Online Personalised Programming

We can discuss your goals, sport, current mobility and strength capabilities and limitations and what you need to work on to ensure that you are injury free and performing at your peak.

I will conduct the online intrinsic biomechanics assessment on you so that I know exactly where your body currently is and what it needs.

Online ‘At Home’ Strength & Conditioning Programme

This is a strength and conditioning programme that is designed for you to do at home. 3 or 5 day a week options available.

There is a different focus each day including: hip extension and flexion, upper body push and pull, squat progressions and weightlifting technique, upper body and core stability, hip abduction and adduction, all with the end goal of moving well. It is adaptable for your needs and teaches you to MOVE WELL.

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Online Strength & Conditioning Programme for Runners

This is a programme that specifically focuses on conditioning your body to improve your running. There are two sessions a week for 6 weeks.

If you complete a regular strength and conditioning training plan you are less likely to get common running injuries, you learn the skills to improve your technique, your body develops strength in the necessary areas to improve speed and endurance so that your times get quicker.

A running plan will improve your running fitness, but a strength and conditioning program will enable your body to perform at its best and stay injury free.

Face To Face

You can choose to have one to one sessions so that I can teach you skills and techniques that you will need to achieve your goals. You benefit from getting immediate feedback to improve on technique, it’s a quicker process to implement technique that are better suited for your body, it’s easier to learn something new when someone is there telling you what to do.

Who is this suitable for?

Anyone who wants to get better at what they do and stay injury free.

In fact, the same principles can be applied for anything that you do, gardening, shopping, looking after the kids, etc.